BLACK SABBATH's 'Mob Rules': Every Home Should Have One

February 16, 2007

The BLACK SABBATH album "Mob Rules" is featured in the "Every Home Should Have One: Albums You Should Own" section of this month's Classic Rock magazine. Record producer Andy Sneap says, "You have to give a lot of credit to Tony Iommi's guitar playing on this record… Listen to the double-tracking and the lead guitar parts — he's really going for it… There are certainly more riffs on 'Mob Rules' compared to what happened on 'Heaven and Hell'. Check out the riff at the start of 'Falling Off The Edge Of The World' — that's brilliant." In terms of the production, he comments that "the feel of the album is raw, live and direct, which was exactly right for the time. If you consider that we were on the very of a major breakthrough in the way heavy metal was to be defined, with bands like IRON MAIDEN making their impact and METALLICA about to get going, then 'Mob Rules' is exactly what SABBATH should have been doing at this point. Listen to it now: it stands up really well against anything you hear today. The vibe of the record was so well-balanced." Read the full piece in the March 2007 issue of Classic Rock, available now.

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