BLACK SABBATH: Unreleased Song Posted Online

October 13, 2004

A 53-second MP3 sample of an unreleased BLACK SABBATH song called "When I Came Down" has been posted online at the OZZY OSBOURNE fan site

According to the Sept. 2003 edition of Record Collector magazine, "When I Came Down" was included on a two-track BLACK SABBATH acetate 45 rpm record, which was recently discovered. On the A side is "When I Come Down", which is believed to have been recorded at various Birmingham, England studios between March and October 1969. The song, which is described as short but boasting strong vocals and harmonica playing, begins with a bluesy, pentatonic riff and although the guitar gets rather lost in the mix, the overall feel approximates to a slower take on "Evil Woman", while much of the rhythm is like "NIB", set up in half time to the riff. The track was written by LOCOMOTIVE keyboardist Norman Haines, although no keyboards appear on the track. On the B-side is a rough demo of "The Wizard". More information about the unreleased song can be found here.

In other news, has posted a recent photo of the original location for the photo shoot for the album cover of BLACK SABBATH's classic debut. The photo of the "Mill" at Mapleduraham was provided by David Tangye, Ozzy's personal assistant during the SABBATH days, who wrote that "apparently they have cleared all the old bramble bushes away, and the tree that was featuredin the original album photo shot has been felled. Mapledurham is an ancient place that is actually mentioned in the Magna Carta, you can search for it on the net, If you know anyone that wants to make a pilgrimage to this site it is a hotel/guesthouse now."

Also on the SABBATH-related front, Tangye has provided with a link to check out a sample of a very rare song from the SABBATH days. The song, entitled "The Mill", was written, recorded, and produced by Richard "Spock" Wall. Spock was BLACK SABBATH's road manager/ sound engineer. He sings and plays all the instruments on the track. Listen to it at this location.

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