BLACK STONE CHERRY's JON LAWHON Says His Band Was Offered Cocaine By MOTÖRHEAD Every Day On Tour

April 26, 2016

Jon Lawhon, the bassist of Kentucky rockers BLACK STONE CHERRY, recently spoke to Sweden's about his band's experience of playing with MOTÖRHEAD back in 2009. He said: "We toured with MOTÖRHEAD a few years ago in Germany in the winter time. That's like the worst... December is the worst time ever to be in Germany. It's just cold and wet; it's gross there that time of year. Beautiful country, but terrible time of the year to be there. We toured with them through one of the hardest seasons and they were always fantastic to us — all the dudes in the band, the crew…. all of 'em."

Asked if he had any good Lemmy stories from the tour and whether he had a chance to sit down and talk to the iconic MOTÖRHEAD frontman, Jon said: "Not at a length, no. But we did meet him and did speak with him. The funniest thing from the whole tour was [that] all of them — not just Lemmy, [but] all of them — would offer us whisky and coke every day. Not whisky and [Coca-Cola], but whisky and cocaine. They would offer it to us, like, every day, and we were, like, 'Well, we can get down with the whisky, but the cocaine, we're all right.' But it was every day that they would offer it to us, and it was, like, every day we'd tell 'em that no, we didn't [do cocaine], and we got the same speech every day: 'Wow! We can't believe you're in rock and roll and don't do cocaine.' And we were, like, 'We just talked about this yesterday.' They didn't remember. They just didn't realize they had just said the same thing to us the day before."

Lawhon added: "Everything you imagined Lemmy to be and MOTÖRHEAD to be, they are, and they were."

Jon also talked about Lemmy's reputation as a man defined by honesty, compassion and kindness behind the hard exterior. "He called you a jackass in a heartbeat," the bassist said. "It's what I always loved about Lemmy. He didn't care, and he had no remorse whatsoever. We try to be as PC as possible, but we eventually get tired of being PC and we end up being pretty blunt. [Laughs]

"We've always kind of considered ourselves like the southern rock MOTÖRHEAD, because we won our fans the same way they won theirs. You know, just [by being] honest, [keeping our feet] on the ground. Play the live show, don't suck. If you suck, you lose fans, so we work really hard trying to make our live shows as good as possible."

BLACK STONE CHERRY's fifth studio album, "Kentucky", was released on April 1 via Mascot Label Group. The CD was recorded at Barrick Recording in Glasgow, Kentucky. Taking a "back-to-the-roots" approach, the effort was produced in the same way and same place as BLACK STONE CHERRY's eponymous debut album.

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