BLEEDING THROUGH Announces Dates In Russia, Mexico

August 4, 2008

Orange County's BLEEDING THROUGH will perform in two territories for the first time this year: Mexico and Russia. They will headline four shows in Russia in December and will play in Mexico City this month as part of the Warped Tour Pre-Fiesta with UNDEROATH and MXPX.

"These are two places we have always wanted to go," says singer Brandan Schieppati. "Earlier this year, we went to Indonesia, Malaysia and Alaska for the first time. We want to go and play anywhere people want to hear us."

The band is on tour in the U.S. right now on the No Fear Music Tour with BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE and will continue to support them throughout Europe with LACUNA COIL in November and December. They will also take part in the first-ever Liskfest in Orange County, California, together with bands like PENNYWISE, GORILLA BISCUITS and more.

For a list of upcoming BLEEDING THROUGH shows, go to this location.

BLEEDING THROUGH recently inked a European deal with Nuclear Blast Records for the release of the band's fifth full-length album, "Declaration".

Due in Europe on September 26 via Nuclear Blast and September 30 in the U.S. via Trustkill, "Declaration" was recorded in Vancouver, Canada with producer Devin Townsend (STRAPPING YOUNG LAD, LAMB OF GOD, SOILWORK, DARKEST HOUR) and is said to be thematically the band's most diverse CD to date, addressing a variety of topics on tracks like "There Was a Flood", "Germany" and "Death Anxiety".

Frontman and lyricist Brandan Scheippati has written one last song based on his angry heartbreaking muse, "Sister Charlatan", which closes the album and features the first-ever vocal chorus contribution from virtuoso bass player Ryan Wombacher, who also co-wrote the experimental and dark "In Loving Memory of England". Keyboardist Marta Peterson is more present than ever throughout the music, including her directing of real strings and classical instrumentation. Guitarist Brian Leppke remains the groups primary songwriter along with Scheippati. Drummer Derek Youngsma has stepped up his game like never before while the band's newest member, Jona Weinhofen (who joined the band over a year ago after the breakup of his former group, I KILLED THE PROM QUEEN),adds pure shred to the proceedings.

According to Brandan Schieppati, "Declaration" is heavier than its predecessor. "I think it bridges the gap between [2006's] 'The Truth' and [2003's] 'This Is Love, This Is Murderous'," he told Revolver magazine. "The melodies are darker, the riffs are heavier. We just wrote a really aggressive record that encompasses everything we've ever tried to do as a band and then raised the bar a notch or two."

"Declaration" track listing:

01. Finis Fatalis Spei
02. Declaration (You Can't Destroy What You Can Not Replace)
03. Orange County Blonde and Blue
04. Germany
05. There Was a Flood
06. French Inquisition
07. Reborn from Isolation
08. Death Anxiety
09. Beneath the Grey
10. Seller's Market
11. Sister Charlatan

A new BLEEDING THROUGH track entitled "Death Anxiety" has been posted online at this location.

Capital Chaos has posted video footage (see below) of BLEEDING THROUGH performing at The Boardwalk in Orangevale, CA on July 24, 2008. Also on the bill were CANCER BATS, TAKE PRIDE and FIELD OF BLOOD.

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