BLIND GUARDIAN Explain San Antonio Cancellation

December 4, 2002

BLIND GUARDIAN have issued a statement regarding the cancellation of their scheduled gig in San Antonio, Texas — the second time the group have cancelled a Texan date on their current U.S. tour. It is as follows:

"The promoter in San Antonio was told many times by the US tour manager Roger Smith that the band needs to run their desks, which BLIND GUARDIAN is traveling with, with special electricity and ground. They confirmed this by telephone to us. When we arrived nothing was there. We tried the whole day to make the show happen, but in the end we couldn't get ground for the stage which would risk the life of all people on stage. We needed to cancel the show at 6 p.m. in the evening and we had built up all our equipment at this point. Also two amps did blow out because of this problem. We are sorry about this but this is the second time we needed to cancel a show because the promoters in Texas did not do their job!"

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