BLOODSIMPLE Interviewed By MISTRESS JULIYA; Video Available

February 17, 2007

Check out the latest episode of "Thrash Talk", featuring Mistress Juliya's interview with New York metal band BLOODSIMPLE about their upcoming album and DVD, at this location.

BLOODSIMPLE frontman Tim Williams recently spoke to about the group's upcoming sophomore album, tentatively titled "Red Harvest".

"In any standard career, the first record puts you on the map," he explained. "[The second one] is when the haters come out. That's the true moment of a band's career and determines whether a band makes it to that third record.

"This is the hump right here," he continued. "I do think a lot of people will see our sound has truly evolved into our own brand of heavy music with this record. That's what we set out to do. We really have come into our own on this record — that I can say with confidence. Whether or not it's going to blow us up, or take us to that next level, remains to be seen. But ... the band as a whole has really grown into a tight unit. It's a little bit different than what I think people are going to expect, which is always good."

"Red Harvest", which is being mixed at the moment and was produced by Machine (LAMB OF GOD, WHITE ZOMBIE),should surface before the summer, Williams said. The LP will contain around 11 tracks, including "Dead Man Walking", "Dark Helmet", the title cut and "El Myr" — the name of an Atlanta burrito bar the band loves to visit while on the road.

"With the first record, we really just had to get it out," he explained. "We put down some really amazing songs, too. But this record, we really purposely were like, 'Let's try not to do the run-of-the-mill BLOODSIMPLE number two — let's focus on expanding our horizons.' We wanted to make a more organic record, rather than just a set, themed, heavy record. We wanted to bring out some different colors that are going to scare some fans away but bring in a whole new element of people. There are a handful of songs that are for the typical BLOODSIMPLE listener, but there's a good five songs that are out there on the edge. They're still heavy, but they're different. ... We're really going to make our mark with this one."

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