Booking Agent Says 25 TA LIFE And Concert Crowd Had Nothing To Do With Suspicious Death

February 27, 2005

Ralph Renna from Last Call/Stupid White Boy Entertainment, who were involved in booking the 25 TA LIFE show at the Hudson Duster in Troy, New York where a 36-year-old man died Saturday night (Feb. 26),has contacted BLABBERMOUTH.NET to "clear up some misconceptions" regarding the tragic incident. His statement reads as follows:

"The first thing I remember is that two men, who were not hardcore kids, or even showgoers for that matter, they were randomly walking up to people shoving, and I then saw a woman get thrown to the floor and some other guy get choked. There was a scuffle inside. The bouncers tried to break up the fight and escort them outside. From what I am told, another fight broke outside. This I did not see. I stayed inside, so I have nothing to say [about the fight that happened outside]. He was involved in a fight that he incited, but the deceased has died from a heart attack, which has been speculated to be cocaine-induced... [Neither] 25 TA LIFE nor the crowd in attendance had anything to do with this! It's unfortunate for this to happen and hopefully I cleared up some misconceptions."

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