March 25, 2010

Mark Uricheck of The Musician's Voice recently conducted an interview with BROKEN TEETH/DANGEROUS TOYS vocalist Jason McMaster. During the 22-minute chat, Jason talks in depth about the new BROKEN TEETH record, "Viva La Rock Fantastico", the history of BROKEN TEETH and some of his other musical projects, including the Texas power metal band IGNITOR. Other topics of discussion include keeping DANGEROUS TOYS alive out on the road, Jason's involvement in the Austin, Texas music scene, and Danko Jones' guest appearance on the new BROKEN TEETH record. You can now listen to the interview using the audio player below.

"Viva La Rock, Fantastico!" was released on January 26 via Perris Records. Featuring 13 all-new tracks and cameo vocals by Canadian compadre Danko Jones, the CD was written on the road during BROKEN TEETH's 2008-2009 "Blood on the Road Tour". As expected, the fifth release from the hard-bitten Texas head-knockers is torn from the same hellraiser's hymnal that gave us the likes of MOTÖRHEAD, AC/DC, RHINO BUCKET and other wheels-of-steel rockers.

BROKEN TEETH formed in Austin, Texas, in 1999 when McMaster recruited former members of DANGEROUS TOYS, DIRTY LOOKS and PARIAH for a side project that allowed band members to have some fun indulging their dirty rock influences, including AC/DC, ROSE TATTOO, CIRCUS OF POWER and THE FOUR HORSEMEN. More than a decade later, BROKEN TEETH has firmly established its own tattered and frayed identity with a discography that includes the self-titled debut, "Guilty Pleasure", "Blood On The Radio" and "Electric".

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