June 8, 2004

IRON MAIDEN fan site is reporting that MAIDEN frontman Bruce Dickinson has confirmed during an appearance on the latest "Air Show" on BBC Scotland that the group will be touring in the summer 2005. It is expected that MAIDEN will be playing several festival dates next year since there has been no mention of writing sessions prior to that.

Speaking about the album that had won the BBC Scotland "Air Show" poll, Dickinson also put to rest once and for all the myth that the famous actor Vincent Price was behind the intro voice of the "Number of the Beast" song.

According to Dickinson, MAIDEN asked Price to voice the track, but Price declined to do it for anything less that £25,000. Having heard of someone reading ghost stories in the Capitol Radio station, they got him to put on a Vincent Price-style voice. He was a thespian and had no interest in IRON MAIDEN whatsoever. The result is history.

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