BURST Announces Dates In Russia, Ukraine

June 30, 2008

Sweden's BURST has issued the following update:

"We're psyched beyond all sense to announce that the first BURST shows since forever and the first in the touring cycle for our coming album 'Lazarus Bird' will take us to Russia and Ukraine. These countries have a tradition of loving heavy tunes, but have been long overlooked when bands plan their tours. We are thrilled and honored to get to go there."

BURST (with support from Russia's .CRRUST) tour dates:

Sep. 05 - Kiev, Ukraine - Sky Hall
Sep. 06 - Moscow, Russia - Plan B
Sep. 07 - Saint Petersburg, Russia - Zoccolo

BURST will release its new album, "Lazarus Bird", via Relapse Records on the following dates:

USA: September 16
Germany: September 19
Rest of Europe: September 22

"Lazarus Bird" was recorded at Studio Bohussound (STATUS QUO, ABBA) in Kungalv, Sweden. The follow-up to 2005's "Origo" was once again tracked with engineer Fredrik Reinedahl (OPETH, IN FLAMES, GADGET). Songtitles set to appear on the CD include "I Hold Vertigo", "We Are Dust", "Momentum", "Nineteenhundred", "Cripple God", "We Watched The Silver Rain" and "I Exterminate The I".

Commented the band: "Expect an album that will NOT be 'Origo Part 2', but something new for BURST."

BURST's second video from its acclaimed "Origo" album, for the track "The Immateria", can be viewed below. The clip was shot in Stockholm, Sweden with director Robinovich of Robinovich Productions.

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