BYZANTINE: '...And They Shall Take Up Serpents' Track Listing Revealed

June 11, 2005

West Virginia-based "tech-metal" band BYZANTINE have finalized the track listing for their sophomore album, "...And They Shall Take Up Serpents", due on July 12 via Prosthetic Records. The follow-up to "The Fundamental Component" was once again produced by the band and Charles A. Fisher and was mixed by Brad Divens (FU MANCHU, WRATHCHILD AMERICA).

"...And They Shall Take Up Serpents" track listing:

01. Justice
02. Taking Up Serpents
03. Jeremiad
04. Ancestry of the Antichrist
05. Temporary Temples
06. Five Faces of Madness
07. Redneck War
08. Pity None
09. The Rat Eaters
10. Salem, Ark

BYZANTINE are currently touring with EYEHATEGOD and have some headlining shows scheduled as well. A complete listing of currently confirmed tour dates can be found at

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