January 21, 2005

West Virginia-based "tech-metal" band BYZANTINE have posted the following update on the songwriting sessions for their sophomore album, "...And They Shall Take Up Serpents", tentatively due in May via Prosthetic Records:

"We are damned happy to announce that Brad Divens will be mixing our sophomore album '…And They Shall Take Up Serpents'.

"Many of you may remember Brad from his days as the vocalist/bassist for thrash metal pioneers WRATHCHILD AMERICA and SOULS AT ZERO. These bands were a huge influence on us, and that alone was reason enough to jump at the chance to have Brad working on this project.

"Brad has quite an impressive resume working behind the mixing board. He currently is the front of house sound engineer for LINKIN PARK, has done production work for FU MANCHU, KILGORE, SOULS AT ZERO, MINDSET and WRATHCHILD AMERICA.

"Given these credentials, we in BYZANTINE are certain that Mr. Divens will help us create something truly Satanic on this next album. Until then, do yourself a favor and check out 'Climbing the Walls' and '3D' from WRATHCHILD AMERICA (Atlantic Records). These are some classic thrash albums that need to be heard."

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