C-187 Featuring PESTILENCE, CYNIC Members: Band Photo Available

February 21, 2007

A new photo of C-187, the new band featuring former PESTILENCE mainman Patrick Mameli (guitar) alongside Tony Choy (bass; ATHEIST; ex-CYNIC),Sean Reinert (drums; CYNIC, ex-DEATH) and Tony Jelencovich (vocals; M.A.N, ex-TRANSPORT LEAGUE, MNEMIC),has been posted online at this location. Seven of the group's early demo tracks can be found here. The songs available for download are as follows:

01. 10-15m
02. Collision-04
03. KneeDeep In DIS SHIT
04. PCPMurdaReally
05. RipdeaL
06. Roadblock
07. DOASideWalk ChalK

(UPDATE: The songs have now been removed from the web site.)

C-187 recently entered Spacelab Studios in Oedt/Moers (near Düsseldorf),Germany to begin recording its debut album for an August release via Holland's Mascot Records. "Sean Reinert has just finished recording his parts (and he's back in L.A.),the same Tony Choy," reads a posting on the PESTILENCE Land of Tears web site. "Now is time for guitars and vocals. Album should be a really heavy fusion thing, not as much rap-orientated as it was planned." The band will tentatively hit the road in the fall. More information will be made available soon.

Mameli recently commented: "After the PESTILENCE adventure way back in the Eighties and Nineties, it became clear to me that I had to change direction. Musically that is! Being a huge Allan Holdsworth fan also had a downside. Trying to combine metal and jazz turned out to be a disappointment both for fans and the band. Also realizing that it would be nearly impossible to reach such levels of skills making metalmusic made me quit playing guitar for more than seven years. Now, lightyears later, I'm back with a new found love for the guitar instrument and would love to share these musical ideas with music lovers all over the world. Recently I started my new project C-187. I will not discuss the style because words are not enough to describe it. Let your ears and brain be the judge. Certainly you will hear Holdsworth in there somewhere ('coz he is the man!!!) but also some heavy guitar riffing and (gangstametal) fusion hiphop beats, making this style fresh and new."

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