CATHEDRAL Pulls Out Of Germany's HAMMER OF DOOM Festival

June 10, 2011

Seminal U.K. doom metal act CATHEDRAL has issued the following update:

"Regrettably, CATHEDRAL will be withdrawing from their planned appearance at this year's Hammer Of Doom festival [set to take place October 28-29 at Posthalle in Wrzburg, Germany). This is due to the use of animal blood as part of the stage show of one of the other bands on the bill. We do not condone nor endorse this type of activity, and in fact we are very much opposed to it.

"We would like to apologize sincerely to any of our fans who were expecting to see us at Hammer Of Doom, but we feel very strongly about this issue and therefore felt we had no alternative but to withdraw."

Hammer Of Doom festival billing:


According to The Quietus, CATHEDRAL will play its last-ever show on December 3 at the London Kentish Town Forum. Support will be provided by kindred spirits GRAND MAGUS, COMUS, and GENTLEMAN'S PISTOLS. The band will record one final studio album entitled "The Last Spire", to be released in 2012 as a follow-up to last year's "The Guessing Game". There will be no live shows to support the album, as frontman Lee Dorrian claims that it's time for CATHEDRAL to "move on" and hopes "to leave our recorded legacy to linger."

When asked if he feels he has achieved all he could with CATHEDRAL, Dorrian told The Quietus, "Yes, way beyond what we ever thought we could achieve, to be honest. For a start, when we first formed the band, we seriously never saw beyond making a demo. What we were doing was purely out of love for our favorite doom metal bands, and they were so few and far between. To have had the opportunity to develop as a band and follow our own path has been nothing short of a miracle in the face of adversity. We had no plan, we just let it happen and we are utterly grateful to the people that have supported us, enabling it to come this far."

Regarding what his happiest and weirdest memories are from being the frontman of CATHEDRAL, Dorrian said, "So many things, not just being the frontman but being part of it. When me and Gaz first got the band together, we had no idea that we would become friends with members of WITCHFINDER GENERAL, TROUBLE, THE OBSESSED, PENTAGRAM, et cetera. Tony Iommi [BLACK SABBATH] actually played on one of our albums. These are things that mean the world to us above any kind of commercial success."

Read more from The Quietus.

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