CELLADOR: Album Title Revealed

January 12, 2006

Nebraska-based extreme power metallers CELLADOR has issued the following update regarding the progress of the recording sessions for their debut album:

"We are back in Omaha after our three-week trip to Tampa, FL for the recording of our Metal Blade debut album at Mana Studios under producer Erik Rutan, entitled 'Enter Deception'. We have laid down all the drums, bass, rhythm guitars, and about 50% of the lead guitars. We will be returning for vocals, leads, and the mixing of the album in March.

"The recording process and the resulting product we have heard so far has us nothing short of ecstatically optimistic. I can assure you that this first CELLADOR release will not have your typical European power metal production. Expect to hear rampant and destructive sounding blasts, insanely heavy guitars, over the top shredding, and overbearing amounts of catchiness.

"'Enter Deception' will be 8 tracks long and the Japanese release will include one bonus track. The release is tentatively set for late spring 2006. Artwork is being done by JP Fournier, a French artist who we have been a fan of for a long time. You can check out some stuff he has done at his web site, which is www.jp-fournier.com. An update on the art will up within the next two weeks. Also in the meantime expect to see CELLADOR play several scattered shows over the next two months, so far including dates with SONATA ARCTICA, AGENTS OF MAN, THE RED CHORD, and THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER. A couple new songs will be debuted at these shows."

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