CELTIC FROST Mainman Lays Down Vocals For New Song 'Obscured'

July 8, 2005

CELTIC FROST frontman Tom Gabriel Fischer has posted the following message on his official blog:

"I amended, rehearsed and recorded lyrics and vocals for the radically new version of 'Obscured' this week. Although I have been singing various versions of this song for a couple of years now, it was quite a challenge. We will host Simone at our rehearsal studio on Saturday to record her co-lead vocals for 'Obscured', still for the song's production demo. In my eyes, this is one of the most significant songs CELTIC FROST have ever worked on.

"I also took the opportunity yesterday, before the rest of the band appeared, to listen to this week's rehearsal recording of the equally radically re-written album opening song, the title of which shall remain confidential for now. The song's aura has changed completely. I had urged the band for months to be open to this change, and now this song is exactly where I think it should be. I sometimes have to overcome a significant amount of opposition to such proposals, even though the others often marginalize this fact. At the same time, it must be pointed out that while it is usually one member of the group whose ideas spark such a reassessment (and the most urgent and fanatical such member is... me),the idea is frequently subject to a collective and very intuitive development.

"I will now also re-write the lyrics for this song, some sections of which have bothered me since I first began rehearsing the lead vocals."

As BLABBERMOUTH.NET first reported on June 16, CELTIC FROST have selected HYPOCRISY/PAIN mainman Peter TÃĪgtgren to co-produce their long-awaited comeback effort, tentatively titled "Dark Matter Manifest". The band willl enter Horus Sound Studio in Hannover, Germany on August 1 to begin recording their first collection of new material since 1990's "Vanity/Nemesis". Other songtitles set to appear on the CD include "Incantation against You", "Ain Elohim" and "Temple of Depression".

CELTIC FROST, who have been mixing new demo material at Oakland Recording in Winterthur, Switzerland, have yet to secure a record deal for their upcoming CD.

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