CELTIC FROST Mainman: New Album 'Is Growing Nearer To Completion'

June 10, 2005

CELTIC FROST frontman Tom Gabriel Fischer has posted the following message on his official blog:

"A truly astonishing week so far. I happened to come across, and rather unexpectedly so, the incredible and indescribable talents of TEAM SLEEP's Zach Hill. With all due (and sincere) respect to many other extraordinary drummers, Hill is simply the best drummer I have ever had the honour of seeing play life. Chino Moreno's own performance was truly stirring as well. And yet we all couldn't take our eyes off what was taking place behind the (miniscule) drum kit. Incomprehensible, in the most positive sense of the word.

"And last night, Martin [Ain, CELTIC FROST bassist] brought Simone Vollenweider to our rehearsal studio. Her affiliation with us goes back to APOLLYON SUN recording sessions many years ago, and she has performed numerous vocals for us since. Martin has spent quite some time re-writing a composition now titled 'Incantation Against You' and then rehearsing it with Simone. And we finally got to hear it and record a pre-production demo of it yesterday. I have had hardly any part in the writing of this song so far, but it has always been one of my favourites. It is different, dark, captivating, melodic, tragic and intoxicating. I have thus often argued for its inclusion on the album, at times even in opposition to Martin's own opinion.

"And then I heard the radically new version. And I truly lacked the words to describe my veneration and the emotions that Martin's ideas and Simone's vocals evoked inside of me. In topic and musical notion, 'Incantation' connects so directly to many things this band wrote and recorded so long ago. And yet, it is something genuinely new for us and something eerie and deeply beautiful at the same time.

"The night ended with Simone adding some more harmonies to Cornelia's operatic vocals on 'Os Abysmi vel Daath'. And tonight, we will continue our work on the utterly challenging but important 'Obscured'. Piece by piece, the album is growing nearer to completion. And the more it appears complete, the more it makes sense as a big picture, as one aural play.

"At least to us."

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