July 10, 2003

CHARON frontman Juha-Pekka Leppäluoto has announced plans to leave POISONBLACK following the completion of the group's upcoming European tour. "This kind of decision [was not made overnight]," Leppäluoto wrote in Finnish in the group's official guestbook. "The question is not about [whether or not I would] WANT to sing on next POISONBLACK album, but [rather] that CHARON is going to be always Number 1 to me, and I don't want to slow down [the progress] of POSONBLACK with my own business. They have a lot of potential to achieve much more if there is [someone fronting the group] that can concentrate 100% [on] POISONBLACK. This was not an easy decision [to make]! [But] there is still a lot of gigs [left for me to do] with POISONBACK..."

POISONBLACK, who also feature in their ranks SENTENCED vocalist Ville Laihiala on guitar, released their debut album, "Escapextacy", in February through Century Media Records.

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