CIRCLE II CIRCLE: Tour Video Diary Part 1 Posted Online

September 30, 2010

The first in a series of video reports featuring behind-the-scenes footage from the current CIRCLE II CIRCLE European tour can be viewed below.

CIRCLE II CIRCLE, the band led by former SAVATAGE frontman Zak Stevens, released its fifth album, entitled "Consequence Of Power", on September 24 via AFM Records. The second concept effort for the band was recorded at Sweet Spot Studios and was described in a press release as "a melodic power metal album catering to all fans from the old SAVATAGE era to all CIRCLE II CIRCLE European fans and breaking new ground for an all new fan base in America."

Check out the CD cover artwork below.

In a recent interview with, Stevens stated about "Consequence of Power", "It will be different. Much like the other albums offer their own differences in sound. In my view, some of the new stuff is revisiting the 'traditional' rock guitar sounds and song arrangements that will take us back a chapter or two in time while others are more basic in scheme. My role, as with all our records, is to make the overall picture appeal to today's rock listener from a vocal standpoint with the best effort I can and what will hopefully result in hook after hook coming at you full blast."

Regarding the album's lyrical theme, he said, "It's a complicated and very deep concept about things happening that we don't really have much control of, and about a character who is centrally involved, against his will, into this cycle of madness, power, and a lot of crazy things. "

CIRCLE II CIRCLE's current lineup consists of Zak Stevens (vocals),Andy Lee (guitar),Mitch Stewart (bass/keyboards) and new drummer Johnny Osborn, formerly of DR. BUTCHER.

CIRCLE II CIRCLE recently signed a management deal with Venomm.

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