CIRITH UNGOL: Official Tribute Album Due In Early 2006

October 30, 2005

Germany's Solemnity Music will be issuing the first "official" tribute to CIRITH UNGOL, entitled "One Foot in Fire". The album is tentatively scheduled to be released in January/February2006 on regular CD and a special limited 12-inch picture vinyl edition with inlay.

"One Foot in Fire" tentative track listing (in no particular order):

FALCON (w/ Greg Lindstrom of CIRITH UNGOL!) (U.S.) - "Shelob's Lair" (remix)
ROSAE CRUCIS (Italy) - "Death of the Sun"
SOLEMNITY (Germany) - "What Does It Take"
DAWN OF WINTER (w/ SACRED STEEL members) (Germany) - "Doomed Planet"
BATTLE RAM (Italy) - "Join the Legion"
HOLY MARTYR (Greece) - "Frost and Fire"
EMERALD (Switzerland) - "Heaven Help Us"
MONSTRUM (Poland) - "Fallen Idols"
ASSEDIUM (Italy) - "Black Machine"
CRYSTAL VIPER (Poland) & ELIXIR (U.K.) - "Chaos Rising" (two bands/one song!)
ROTTEN (Netherlands) - "Cirith Ungol Medley"

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