CLINT LOWERY Is 'Beyond Excited' About Being Back In SEVENDUST

March 26, 2008

SEVENDUST/DARK NEW DAY guitarist Clint Lowery has released the following statement:

"Well, as most of you know, I have rejoined with my bros in SEVENDUST. I'm beyond excited about sharing the stage with them and being a part of their world again.

"First things first: Sonny [Mayo, SEVENDUST's now-former guitarist] did a unreal job with the guys and I'm sure I will share some of the pressures of filling his shoes as he did so sucessfully filling mine and then some. I respect Sonny and love him and wish him the best because I have no doubt he will continue success in what ever he does.

"I won't get into how this all came about; I will only speak for myself.

"For me, this is a great chance to play with a band I owe my career to and went through everything with for many years good and bad. When you spend that amount of time in a band, you form a bond that's not easily broken. Time has past and I believe nothing in God's world happens by mistake.

"I'd like to address the fans both SEVENDUST and DARK NEW DAY. You have all truly been so amazing and really make me remember why I do this.

"For some this will be hard to understand. All I can say is that I will do my best to be a solid member of SEVENDUST and give you back what you give to any of us who play music.

"My brother [Corey Lowery] dreamt up what would eventually become DARK NEW DAY. We wanted to play together and to do that with Troy, Brett and Will was a dream come true. I truly believe that we did what we set out to do and that was simply to make music together.

"Corey and I will always continue to make music together.

"I wish all the guys the best and love them more than words can say. And I pray that the record we did will see the light of day especially for the people who waited so patiently.

"Being back in SEVENDUST is truly a very exciting time for me and I feel like it will be a very positive thing. I love the records they did while I was gone and actually look forward to playing those songs more than the ones I did with them.

"I look forward to writing new music with them but for now I want to do my part in supporting the incredible music they've created and just be the guitar player.

"SEVENDUST is way bigger than any one person; it has a supporting fan base thats rabid and I love all of you because I have been one of you for the past few years just another person who loved SEVENDUST from the outside. Now I'm back in and I promise I will bust my ass to do the job SEVENDUST deserves.

"God bless everyone and see ya on tour!"

(Thanks: Hellrazor67)

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