COAL CHAMBER Frontman Dedicates 'Every Waking Minute' To Side Project

September 27, 2002

COAL CHAMBER/DEATHRIDE frontman Dez Fafara has posted the following message via DEATHRIDE's official web site:

"I could never overwork myself when it comes to DEATHRIDE. Every waking minute is spent on thought or action towards DEATHRIDE and it will be that way until I wake up in a town close to your home. Last night's rehearsal was exceptional. Things are getting so tight its as if we played for years. [Guitarists] Dragon and Sleeper worked on a new song that I'm sure well finish up tonight. The title is 'I'm Gonna Get Mine'. It's extremely technical with verse that breaks down using just the stand bass and drum along with me screaming at the top of my lungs. It's a great dynamic. I just gotta reiterate again, I chose these musicians based on three things: skill, dedication and allegiance. All three are intact and I come home every night proud.

"The next few weeks will be crucial as we now are seeking a label's support and we thank all the labels that have shown interest. Were gonna keep rehearsing every day and well keep people informed as it comes. Last night we had a discussion and decided we definitely need to take this thing overseas. We also got to talk about our first US tour. On the first tour wed like to book 60 shows in 60 days and if our agent can do it, and our crew can pull it off. We may even go longer, That's the mentality of this band. It's going to be based on road work."

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