COLD Frontman Doesn't Understand BLABBERMOUTH.NET 'Haters'

January 21, 2010

Jacksonville, Florida-based rock band COLD is putting finishing touches on its fifth album, "Epic" for a late May release via SonicStar Records. Two of the new songs — "My Religion" and "Welcome 2 My World" — have already made their way online and the band's frontman , Scooter Ward, tells AOL's Noisecreep that he's amazingly surprised at all the positive reaction to the new work.

"I think if you're good to people throughout your career — your fans — it always comes back to you, and this is kind of what has happened to us and we're very blessed," he said. "Everything with COLD right now feels so good ... with the band and the management team. It just seems like everything is finally coming to us."

"These days, the whole new record, the new tracks, we haven't gotten any bad [comments]. It's kind of overwhelming," he added.

"Back in the day, we used to get the haters," he recalled. "Of course, every band has people that hate them and love them. But we had some negative stuff. We change a little each record. It's nice to see [COLD fans] accept that and move on with it. The lucky thing we have with the 'COLD kids' — our fans — is that they've been around forever. I remember when we first started out, it was just painful.

"It seems like these people, you know, they make their life on Blabbermouth. They make a name for themselves by bashing someone. It's really funny. It's like they are rock stars in their own little world, and it's just funny that someone would want to get on there and bash a band ... they don't really know. Maybe they were a fan of the band, and they just don't like them anymore. I don't know."

COLD released its self-titled debut album in the summer of 1998. After steadily building a solid touring base, the band returned in 2000 with its sophomore effort, "13 Ways to Bleed on Stage", which peaked at #1 on Billboard's Heatseekers chart and brought the band its first appearance within the Top 100 on The Billboard 200 chart. In 2003, COLD scored its biggest hit to date with "Stupid Girl" (co-written by WEEZER's Rivers Cuomo) off "Year of the Spider". The smash single went to #4 at Mainstream Rock and #6 at Modern Rock. "Year of the Spider" went all the way to #3 on The Billboard 200 chart, followed by "A Different Kind of Pain" in 2005, which went to #26 on the same chart.

COLD is:

Scooter Ward (Vocals, Keyboards, Guitar)
Zach Gilbert (Guitar)
Jeremy Marshall (Bass, Vocals)
Sam McCandless (Drums)

"My Religion" audio stream:

"Welcome 2 My World" audio stream:

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