September 29, 2002

Los Angeles-based COMES WITH THE FALL, who consist of members of JERRY CANTRELL's touring band, are continuing work on their first DVD, Comes With The Fall - Live 2002, and the accompanying live album, Live 2002.

"Just met with the director Steve Reissner and the editors last night to watch a rough cut of the entire program," reads a message posted on the group's official web site. "This is shaping up to be one ripping rock-umentary — interviews, backstage shenanigans and, of course, devastating live performances of songs from The Year Is One and the self-titled (out of print) debut. We are shooting for a Halloween release date, meaning this will (hopefully) be on sale at the shows by then.

"The soundtrack album Live 2002 has already gone to press and should be available at shows by the start of the American tour in Corpus Christi, TX on Oct. 9. Taken from three consecutive nights in California — San Diego, Orangevale, and Modesto — it's the no nonsense sound of a hardworking band doing what it does best. Those of you who were at these shows know what an amazing time we all had. This album doesn't lie. It's reckless, crushing, and goddamn electric! In other words, whether you were there or not, you won't want to be without this."

For more info on COMES WITH THE FALL, visit the band's official web site at this location.

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