Coming In April: KISS 'Cover' Album That Won't Make GENE SIMMONS Any Richer

February 22, 2005

Lunar Moth Entertainment has announced the grand opening of will salute various icons in music, film, television, and anything pop culture. First up is a unique tip of the hat to '70s rock superheroes KISS.

A cover song is a song recorded by an artist other than its original artist. A KISS cover is a cover recorded with grease paint and seven-inch heels. KISS Cover to Cover celebrates the songs that KISS themselves chose to cover during their career. KISS Cover to Cover spotlights songs originally recorded by the likes of THE ROLLING STONES, BOBBY LEWIS, and ARGENT. These classics were then updated by KISS, and are now being given a third dimension by today's up and coming artists. Performers include VH1/MTV regulars Capt. T & Ostronomy, intergalactic saviors SLACK, digital maestro Marc Zouhar, singer/songwriter Jon Rubin, and more. In addition to the musical content on KISS Cover to Cover, the CD will also contain computer-accessible bonus features. Pop KISS Cover to Cover into your computer and enjoy detailed song histories, photos, artist bios, and artwork. KISS Cover to Cover will be released on April 5, 2005 at Pre-order your copy now, and receive "Prophecy – A Tribute to Eric Carr" free with your order.

"The idea was a joke initially," says Executive Producer R.E. Asbury. "With Gene's (Simmons) never-ending quest for more, I thought it would be funny to put out a KISS tribute album that would not generate any royalties for KISS. After researching the idea a bit, I realized that it would actually be a cool project." As an award-winning filmmaker, R.E. Asbury is known for solid concepts and interesting projects.

Lunar Moth Entertainment and provide new and interesting products in various mediums. Keep an eye out for upcoming novels, comic books, CD-ROM adventures, CDs and DVDs.

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