May 14, 2015

Hard rock and heavy metal's illustrious pasts have joined forces with the genre's brightest hopes for the future to create Concrete Marketing Services.

The merger of Concrete Marketing and Street Smart Marketing is a visionary partnership that emblazons epic artistry and arena worthy heroics with new millennium marketing and a cutting edge vision of the evolving business of music.

Concrete Marketing is synonymous with the names and faces that have shaped the last quarter century of North American music, their client list reading like a veritable who's who of the modern music scene: from the iconic footprints of AC/DC, ROB ZOMBIE, OZZY OSBOURNE, METALLICA, MEGADETH, MÖTLEY CRÜE and GUNS N' ROSES, through the sonic scene-shifting of Seattle's PEARL JAM, NIRVANA and ALICE IN CHAINS, and into today's superstars LINKIN PARK, NICKELBACK, KID ROCK, KORN and SLIPKNOT, heavy music has been forged by Concrete. The company has succeeded by being innovative, adaptable and reliable in providing marketing, management, consulting and media planning services while standing by their motto, "Never promise more than you can deliver, and always deliver more than you can promise."

By partnering with Street Smart Marketing, Concrete melds their proven history with a company built on the ever-changing principles of the music business in 2015, developing grass roots platforms to discover and build tomorrow's superstars in today's vibrant and multi-faceted industry. Combining Street Smart's passionate staff and inspired outlook with Concrete's robust history and legions of iconic clientele, the newly christened Concrete Marketing Services offers the best the music industry has to offer, uniting timeless artists with their emerging peers, and forging a dynamic path for bands and fans to follow.

The first client to come on board to help launch this new entity is legendary manager and longtime Concrete Marketing friend and client Andy Gould with his Universal Music Enterprises-distributed label T-Boy Records. In two short years, Gould and T-Boy Records have amassed a most impressive roster of many of the best rock acts in the music business, including ROB ZOMBIE, MEGADETH, P.O.D., POWERMAN 5000 and EAGLES OF DEATH METAL, along with promising new artists KOBRA AND THE LOTUS and SEPTEMBER MOURNING.

"When I heard that Concrete and Street Smart were merging I thought, finally, some much needed good news for rock music," says Gould. "What Bob has achieved with Concrete is legendary and I am sure this will be yet another huge chapter in the book. I can't wait to start working with them."

Bob Chiappardi, founder of Concrete Marketing, states: "Don Robertson and his team possess the same passion and drive that made Concrete Marketing the leading independent marketing company in the music business during its heyday.

"The industry has gone through tremendous change over the past years and it seems that while we all know there are more changes to come, the ground has settled to the point where I feel it steady enough to build a new Foundation with regards to providing core marketing services . Opportunity has never been greater in our business and we are looking to make the most of it."

Don Robertson, CEO of Street Smart Marketing, adds: "I was first introduced to Bob Chiappardi and Concrete Marketing as a young manager in the early '90s, and they set the standard for all things hard rock. Bob became instant family and we have worked together on a number of projects over the years. It is a privilege to combine forces for this new venture, and an honor to work together to forge new paths and shape future legends."

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