CONTRITION To Release 'Reflections' In May

April 6, 2013

Mighty Music will release the debut album from Danish modern metal newcomers CONTRITION, "Reflections", on May 20. The band delivers a collection of superior technical riffs, brilliantly timed break-downs, brutal but emotional growls and atmospheric melodic passages.

The five musicians established CONTRITION when they were just 15-17 years old in late 2009. They released the four-track EP "Oath Of Iniquity" in 2010, and after winning the Mighty Fight Night in 2011, they issued the Jacob Hansen-produced single "Lycanthropy" in 2011 via Mighty Music. In January 2013, CONTRITION finished recording "Reflections" at Grapehouse Studios in Copenhagen with producer Jeppe Andersson (SCARRED BY BEAUTY).

In spite of the members' young age, "Reflections" "shows a mature band that master their technique to perfection," according to a press release. "With a progressive approach, CONTRITION contributes with new and different view on the modern metal genre. The band's characteristic sound is founded on a vast variety of different influences that stretch from the various metal sub-genres such as thrash, groove, core to more progressive and melodic influences.

"'Reflections' concentrates not just on a single subject nor a single problem. The subjects vary from children of divorced parents to identity crisis to love songs that had to be written to get rid of all the anger inside."

Commented CONTRITION singer Nico Paidar: "The album has been a kind of shrink for us at times and in a lot of ways, it has been exactly what we've needed to grow as human beings. We've gotten so much help from all the emotion the songs gives, peace of mind and anger-management from the lyrics we've written during this journey."

"Reflections" track listing:

01. In Distant Lights
02. Hypothermia
03. [Al-kuh-hawl]
04. Sensory Perception
05. Chaos Reigns
06. Nova
07. Surrogate
08. Sunset Burns
09. Drowning In Mirrors
10. Timeless

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