COREY TAYLOR: The Democrats Need To Get Out There And Start Calling Republicans On Their BS

September 20, 2010

Mike Ragogna of The Huffington Post recently conducted an interview with STONE SOUR/SLIPKNOT frontman Corey Taylor. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

The Huffington Post: I read that you recorded [the new STONE SOUR album] "Audio Secrecy" under strange circumstances, in Nashville at the time of the flood.

Taylor: Yeah, we were there. The flood happened, basically, right in the middle of the recording process. We had already been there for a couple of months, and it was just one of those things that kind of came out of nowhere. Honestly, it was kind of good because we didn't really get hit by the flood very much; our house wasn't affected and the studio wasn't affected. At the same time, I tried to go out of my way to make sure that we could get the word out that there were different organizations trying to help people that were affected by the flood. So, in that way, we were kind of trying to just pitch in and help out since we were sort of living there at the time. There's still a lot to be done, but it's looking like things are starting to get a little better down there.

The Huffington Post: What's unfortunate is that Nashville's flooding was virtually an ignored story.

Taylor: Yeah, basically. You have to realize that it happened right around the same time as the Gulf oil spill happened, and it really kind of got swept under the carpet. So, it was important to me to get the word out, and make sure that people knew what was going on and that they could help.

The Huffington Post: While we're on this subject, remember Katrina and all the ineptitude and lack of initial concern there was by Cheney's...sorry, Bush's administration?

Taylor: Exactly, and if that didn't really drive home the point that our president was an idiot, what else was going to? You've got this guy, Michael Brown, heading FEMA, and he has no idea what he's doing. It took five days to get water to the Superdome. What does that tell you? Nobody was at the wheel as far as I was concerned.

The Huffington Post: And speaking of that facility, remember Barbara Bush's comment that the displaced victims who fled to the Superdome were living in better accommodations than they had been living in before?

Taylor: Yeah, completely surprised that there are still poor people in this country. It was like, "What? Are you insane?"

The Huffington Post: And it was excessively heartless. How does anyone say something like that no matter how rich or arrogant you are in the face of such tragedy.

Taylor: I couldn't believe it. Just the fact that that was even something that could happen to this day gets my blood going, you know?

The Huffington Post: I know, but people better get their blood going again because come November, it's going to be a slaughter for the Democrats. My feeling is that since people perceive things are not happening fast enough — at least as far as a solid economic recovery from the disaster Obama and the rest of us were left with — they're going to take it out on Democrats and we're going to lose a lot of good representatives with the bad.

Taylor: Yeah, I agree. The only thing that I can hope for is that people have common sense at the end of the day. The Democrats need a huge push PR-wise to kind of tell people that things are going a lot better than they think, and if they had a half a brain between them, they would get out there and start calling Republicans on their BS. I'm a natural liberal for the most part, and just the fact that we have no one in that party who is really kind of a pit bull and is the guy that goes in and calls "foul" on some of these people really upsets me. It's like they need to man up. I really wish that the president would do that, just go, "Look, I'm the leader, and you need to figure that out." That's one thing that you'd have to respect about George Bush. He was at least the guy that said, "You know what? It stops here, and that's the way it is," You may not agree with a lot of the things that he did, which I don't, but at the same time, at least he had the cajones to just get things done, and that's what the Democrats don't have right now. They can say all day that they're too good for that or that they're better than that, but that's bogus. They need a pit bull to lead the charge, and until we have that, this whole weird teeter-totter thing is going to keep going on, and the country is going to stay in a state of flux.

The Huffington Post: Yeah, that's my fear too. Why doesn't the Democratic party look at poor, wimpy Harry Reid and realize that he doesn't have an image or personality that commands any kind of authority and needs to go away. This party needs a few pugilists front and center like Tip O'Neill.

Taylor: The thing that really bothers me is that no one in that party has stepped up and been like, "Look, here are the facts — the Democratic party constantly has to come in and fix the things the Republican party is allowed to do over four to eight years, constantly." It happened with Clinton, it's happening with Obama, it's constantly happening. The fact that the American public has the memory of a gnat really helps them, and that's why the Democrats need to just be coming out and killing us with facts and statistics. Tell the people why you deserve to be in office, and don't take any guff about it, you know? But they're not doing it, and it's almost like they deserve to fail.

Read the entire interview from The Huffington Post.

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