May 30, 2011

Reunited Swiss thrash trio CORONER made up of bassist Ron Royce, drummer Marquis Marky (a.k.a. Marky Edelmann) and guitarist Tommy T. Baron played its first U.S. comeback concert during the Maryland Deathfest last night (Sunday, May 29) in Baltimore, Maryland. Fan-filmed video footage of the performance can be viewed below.

Marky was interviewed on the April 15 edition of Tony Webster's "The Metal Command" radio show. The chat can now be streamed using the audio player below. A few excerpts from the interview follow.

On CORONER's current status:

Marky: "[We're] rehearsing, rehearsing, practicing and rehearsing. That's basically what we do. For me personally, I didn't play drums in 15 years. I think we started in September last year we started to play the old songs and by now it sounds quite good, but it was a lot of work very painful, actually. [Laughs]"

On playing with his CORONER bandmates again after so many years:

Marky: "It was a total trip; it was really like a time warp. It was totally strange. Sometimes you could play the songs automatically; it was still somehow programmed. It was really funny; your arms go left and right, and you don't know why. 'Oh, wow, that's why. I have to hit this cymbal right now.' [Laughs] So that was really quite a trip. It makes me feel like being [brought[ back [in time] 15 years or more. And I missed playing drums, totally. That was also something I'm very happy about now to just play drums."

On the possibility of recording a new studio album:

Marky: "We never really thought about that, because we were too busy to get fit for the shows. I don't know. I cannot say right now. There is no talk about this at all yet. Right now we concentrate totally on playing those live shows and whatever happens later, I have no idea yet. I really can't say. There was no time to think about it yet."

On whether there are any plans to reissue CORONER's back catalog:

Marky: "I was surprised, because I was actually trying to buy a CD here recently and [I was told] that all of them were out of stock so that you cannot buy them anymore. So, yeah, it would probably be a good idea. I mean, basically, you can download everything. But I was always someone [who] liked vinyl to have something in my hand, as well as the CD. I still like it. It's still different than just a downloaded file on your computer. So yeah, maybe we're gonna think about that. Last year we started to work on some sort of a home video where we're gonna put all the video recordings we did in the past, also with interviews and things like that. So, probably next year we're gonna put out something like this a little box with a DVD or something. I don't know yet."

Interview (audio):

Originally part of the road crew for fellow countrymen CELTIC FROST, CORONER went on to become one of the most progressive extreme metal acts of the Eighties.

The connection between the Zurich band and CELTIC FROST was so strong, in fact, that CELTIC FROST frontman Tom G. Warrior offered to handle vocals for the emerging band's demo. Warrior and CORONER entered Switzerland's Magnetix studio on October 10, 1985, and nine days later they walked out with the impressive four-song 1986 release, "Death Cult".

While subsequent bootlegged CDs included the bonus tracks of "Arrogance in Uniform" and "Hate, Fire, Blood", the original four-track demo consisted of the following tracks: "Spectators of Sin", "Spiral Dream", "Aerial Combat" and "The Invincible". (Only "Spiral Dream" would make it onto CORONER's 1987 debut LP, "R.I.P.")

According to The BNR Metal Pages, CORONER "progressed from the raw speed of 'R.I.P.' to the more laidback style of 'Grin', releasing five albums (not counting the semi-compilation 'Coroner' album) that are all different and yet all are undeniably related, and undeniably CORONER. The band called it a day in 1994, actually before the release of 'Coroner', with Marky Edelmann joining APOLLYON SUN and Tommy T. Baron going to KREATOR, though neither is still with those bands."

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