CRADLE OF FILTH/ARCH ENEMY: New York City Concert Cancelled

December 14, 2004

ARCH ENEMY have issued the following statement regarding their scheduled concert at Irving Plaza in New York City Tuesday night (Dec. 14):

"NIGHTMARE IN NYC!!!!! We're here at the Irving Plaza as you know, and we've just been given some devastating news. The show has been cancelled tonight, due to reasons entirely beyond our control. We have been told that Dani from CRADLE OF FILTH has been taken ill and they cannot do the show tonight. When the promoter found out, he decided to pull the entire show, even though ARCH ENEMY was more than ready and to go ahead and just play the show anyway. We talked with our friends in BLEEDING THROUGH and HIMSA and they thought the same as us — we all wanted to play.

"We are totally, totally gutted about this. We cannot believe this decision from the promoter, but we've been told there is NOTHING we (or anybody else) can do about it. Worst of all, it's a sold out show, so we know how many people will be disappointed. The guys from HIMSA even got on the phone to other promoters and venues in the area, to see if we could all go and play a three-band show somewhere else, but with such short notice it just isn't happening.

"I just don't know what else to say, we are all sitting here stunned right now. This has been one of our best ever US tours, and to end it like this, totally powerless, just SUCKS BEYOND BELIEF!! We are so on fire right now, the last week of shows have been amazing, this one was shaping up to be even better! Talk about a total let-down.

"As you can imagine it's total chaos at the venue right now, I'm gonna get kicked off this machine soon — no doubt there'll be more on this subject from me soon but as you know we're flying to London in the morning for our big show (at least there's still that to look forward to)! Anyway, just wanted to say 'sorry' to all our fans in NYC who were coming along to see us; I'm sure you'll understand that there was nothing we could do here, but we will be back to see you next year..."

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