December 22, 2003

British extreme metal outfit CRADLE OF FILTH have signed a deal with Roadrunner Records.

The band, second-stage headliners of this year's Ozzfest and recently on tour in America supported by TYPE O NEGATIVE and MOONSPELL, are delighted by the recent turn of events. Dani Filth, the group's often outspoken vocalist had this to say about the move "Obviously everybody in the band is very excited about the decision to sign to the label. I believe Roadrunner will definitely give us a much further push and without doubt, better credibility within the extreme metal scene. Bring on 2004, the year destined to be spattered with FILTH..."

Roadrunner are equally thrilled, as A&R man Mike Gitter states, "As all truly great bands do, CRADLE OF FILTH provoke...that makes people draw a line. CRADLE assault the senses: hitting both head and groin. CRADLE OF FILTH are leaders rather than followers — often copied, never replicated. They have already left a bloody stain on the Encylopedia Metallicus — Roadrunner and I are excited to help make the world a FILTHier place."

CRADLE OF FILTH have already written enough material for their first album with Roadrunner (their sixth full length to date) and are due to begin recording in late January with a release date scheduled for early June. The album, tentatively titled "Nymphetamine" (roughly translated as the druggish beast-like addiction to beautiful, classical women) will feature the following tracks (as of December 2003):

01. Medusa And Hemlock
02. Nemesis
03. Prey
04. Gilded Cunt
05. Absinthe With Faust
06. Painting Flowers White Never Suited My Palette
07. Coffin Fodder
08. Filthy Little Secret
09. Gabrielle
10. Swansong For A Raven

CRADLE OF FILTH bassist David Pybus describes the new material as an "eclectic mix between the group's 'Damnation..' and 'Cruelty...' albums with a renewed vigour for melody, songmanship and plain fucking weirdness spat into the smelting bowl. Revolting human worms, you have been warned!"

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