CRAZY TOWN Frontman: I Was Influenced By FUGAZI, QUICKSAND While Recording New Album

October 23, 2002

CRAZY TOWN frontman Bret "Epic" Mazur claims to have been inspired by FUGAZI and QUICKSAND while laying down the vocal tracks for the band's new album, "Darkhorse", due on November 12 through Columbia Records.

"I'm sure lots of people can hear who's influencing us in our songs," Mazur told Chart Attack. "If you can pick out who this or that song sounds like, you'll know who's influencing us. But there are still some people who can't peg it and that's great 'cause it means we're forming our own sound.

"We were gonna call the album 'Nothing Comes From Nowhere', in that nothing is a truly original idea," the singer continued. "Every idea has a predecessor or foundation. Something always comes from somewhere else, so nothing is brand new. It's about how you cover up your inspiration and turn it into your own work, so what you hear from any band didn't come out of the blue. It was reworked or added onto and we're no different. When I was driving into the studio to record the vocals, I was listening to FUGAZI and QUICKSAND. When I listen to the album, I can totally hear how those influences come out: pure music with emotion, honesty and passion. That's what 'Darkhorse' is about: emotion, honesty and passion."

With regards to the songwriting process for the new album, Mazur said: "We didn't go in with agenda to write a CRAZY TOWN album, or the next CRAZY TOWN album or 'Let's write what we think people want to hear from CRAZY TOWN.' We just wanted to write great songs and we knew that it would be CRAZY TOWN, 'cause we ARE CRAZY TOWN. Whatever we end up doing will be CRAZY TOWN. How could it not be? You just can't be held back in any way by what you think people want to hear. That's the solution to making a solid album."

The complete track listing for "Darkhorse" is as follows:

01. Decorated
02. Hurt You So Bad (feat. WEEZER's Rivers Cuomo)
03. Drowning
04. Change
05. Candy Coated
06. Waste Of My Time
07. Sorry
08. Battle Cry
09. Take It To The Bridge
10. Skulls And Stars
11. Beautiful

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