CRIMSON GLORY: Reissue Details Revealed

November 6, 2006

Metal Mind Productions will re-release two CRIMSON GLORY albums taken from Roadrunner Records' archives: "Astronomica" and "Strange and Beautiful".

CRIMSON GLORY is one of the best and most influential prog-metal bands from the '80s and will appeal to fans of bands like QUEENSRŸCHE or FATES WARNING. The new "Astronomica" digipack edition includes a bonus CD featuring over 50 minutes of live and demo recordings. The "Strange and Beautiful" remastered edition of the most "controversial" CRIMSON GLORY album is a must-have for all progressive metal lovers! Both titles will be available on golden discs, digitally remastered using 24-bit technology and limited to 2,000 copies.

"Astronomica" reissue track listing (release date: November 6):

01. March To Glory
02. War Of The Worlds
03. New World Machine
04. Astronomica
05. Edge Of Forever
06. Touch The Sun
07. Luciffer's Hammer
08. The Other Side of Midnight
09. Cyber-Christ
10. Cydonia

Bonus CD:

01. War Of The Worlds - remake
02. Astronomica (demo)
03. Touch Of The Sun (demo)
04. Dragon Lady (live)
05. Eternal World (live)
06. Painted Skies (live)
07. Queen Of The Masquerade (live)
08. Lost Reflection (live)

"Strange and Beautiful" reissue track listing (release date: November 13):

01. Strange And Beautiful
02. Promise Land
03. Love And Dreams
04. The Chant
05. Dance On Fire
06. Song For Angels
07. In The Mood
08. Starchamber
09. Deep Inside Your Heart
10. Make You Love Me
11. Far Away

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