CRYPTOPSY: New Concert Footage Available

June 3, 2008

Canadian extreme metal masters CRYPTOPSY are currently devastating European stages on their headlining tour with U.S. metallers DECREPIT BIRTH and UNMERCIFUL. This is the first chance for European fans to witness CRYPTOPSY's new lineup featuring vocalist Matt McGachy.

Fan-filmed video footage of CRYPTOPSY's May 31, 2008 performance at the Neurotic Deathfest in Tilburg, Netherlands can be viewed below (clip uploaded by YouTube user "Morbyr").

CRYPTOPSY's new album, "The Unspoken King", is set for a June 24 release via Century Media Records. The CD release coincides with the band's participation in this year's crushing Summer Slaughter touring package featuring some of the finest acts in the genre today.

CRYPTOPSY recently shot a new video for the album's vicious opening cut "Worship Your Demons" with acclaimed director David Brodsky (GWAR, SOILENT GREEN). The clip captures the band's unrelenting, frenetic stage energy and it is sure to catch your attention. Look for the clip to make its online debut in the coming weeks.

"The Unspoken King" track listing:

01. Worship Your Demons
02. The Headsmen
03. Silence The Tyrants
04. Bemoan The Martyr
05. Leach
06. The Plagued
07. Resurgence Of An Empire
08. Anoint The Dead
09. Contemplate Regicide
10. Bound Dead
11. (Exit) The Few

CRYPTOPSY drummer Flo Mounier recently spoke to Decibel magazine about the shift in the band's musical direction on "The Unspoken King".

"The Unspoken King" is CRYPTOPSY's first album to feature new keyboardist/samplist Maggie Durand (HOWLING SYN) and vocalist Matt McGachy, who is also a member of 3 MILE SCREAM.

"This was part of the idea we had when we started working on the new material," Flo told Decibel. "First, we wanted a keyboard/sample player who could add a little more live atmosphere. As far as a singer, we were just fed up with monotonous [makes staccato grunting noises] sound through whole albums. I'm a big fan of dynamics in music and creating diversity. We wanted something really extreme in some parts, but with melodics and ambience in others. We're not planning on using clean vocals all that much, but we wanted someone who could, just in case."

He continued, "First, it's going to be the best-sounding CRYPTOPSY album. It'll be the 'tastiest' and most mature; all the parts are there for a reason and everything fits really well. Vocally, it'll be the most diverse CRYPTOPSY album; there will be a whole slew of screams, growls and voices."

He added, "I'm a fan of different sorts of music, and think it's most fun when a band puts out an album that has elements of everything; you get this thing called diversity, not boredom. That's what we're trying to do. Still, I think people are going to be surprised how brutal this album is."

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