DARK FORTRESS: 'Ylem' Video Trailer Available

April 9, 2010

A trailer for "Ylem", the video for the title track of the new album from German black metallers DARK FORTRESS, can be viewed below. According to a press release, parts of the clip were shot in a natural cave.

"Ylem" was released in January via Century Media Records. The album's limited first-pressing CD also includes a special O-card packaging as well as the bonus track "Sycamore Trees", a cover version of a song originally written by Angelo Badalamenti and sung by jazz vocalist Jimmy Scott. The original version was part of the soundtrack for the movie "Twin Peaks - Fire Walk With Me" by David Lynch.

Unlike the last DARK FORTRESS album, "Eidolon", "Ylem" is not strictly a concept album; however, most songs have a common theme — invocations of the death principle from different perspectives.

"Ylem" is the term for the state of the elements before the Big Bang; in alchemy, it refers to the primordial matter from which all elements were created. The return to a state of "Ylem" automatically signifies the end of everything that exists now. There is a spark of life in every living cell, but also a seed of entropy and death. The insignificance of the feeble evolutionary detour that is man is evident, for our future is clear: we will be nothing but dust and bones on a scorched, lifeless rock waiting to be devoured by the sun. This vision is also the basis of Stephen Lenfestey's artwork for the album (see image below).

Musically, it is safe to say that DARK FORTRESS took the next step in its development — as the band have always done. "We all keep growing as musicians, and we would never make the same album twice," explains vocalist Morean. "Where 'Eidolon' was a compact missile, shot to kill instantly, on 'Ylem' we explore the stylistic diversity inherent in this band deeper than ever before. There is a lot of slow, very heavy stuff going on, some truly rotten clean parts, but also insane blastbeats, some orchestral darkness, and tons of killer riffs to break your neck to. It is our ambition that every song is its own world and has a strong and unmistakable identity. We exploited this ambition to the fullest here."

"Ylem" was recorded at V. Santura's (TRIPTYKON, NONEUCLID, CELTIC FROST) Woodshed Studio without any outside influences or distractions.

The track listing for the CD is as follows:

01. Ylem
02. As The World Keels Over
03. Osiris
04. Silence
05. Evenfall
06. Redivider
07. Satan Bled
08. Hirundineans
09. Nemesis
10. The Valley
11. Wraith

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