DARK NEW DAY To Release Acoustic EP

April 18, 2006

DARK NEW DAY, the new band featuring Clint Lowery (ex-SEVENDUST) on guitar, Brett Hestla (ex-CREED, VIRGOS MERLOT) on vocals, Will Hunt (ex-SKRAPE, TOMMY LEE) on drums, Clint's brother Corey Lowery (ex-STEREOMUD, STUCK MOJO) on bass, and Troy McLawhorn (ex-DOUBLE DRIVE) on guitar, will release an acoustic EP called "Black Porch". The disc will include two brand new songs in addition to two tracks from the band's 2005 debut album, "Twelve Year Silence". No release date has been set for the EP, but it will arrive sometime this summer. DARK NEW DAY have also begun working on their second full-length album, with plans to alternate between the studio and the road over the next few months.

Commented Clint Lowery: "I'm leaving for Atlanta Tuesday night [April 18] to meet with Troy and Corey and go over all the music we've been writing over the past few months. Needless to say, there's about 10 million ideas to go through. Corey's a ninja on ProTools, so we don't need to an engineer to record anything because Corey can do it. Awesome having that tool to use in our own camp. Corey's also producing a few Atlanta bands right now on the off time. We really want to team up and produce bands one day. Really try to give some bands a fair chance to get something recorded that will really represent what they are as a band.

"DARK NEW DAY will be getting together in May to write and demo some tracks. I CAN'T WAIT!!!!! DAMN IT!! I've said that all year. We've been working through some business with our label and getting a gameplan together over the last few weeks and I think we have one. We're not — pardon my French — 'fuckin' around' on this next record. Not that we did on the first one, but we've grown as a band and played enough live shows to really understand where we need to go as a band. I never usually talk about a record before it's done but I want to put the pressure on to do the best job we can for [the fans] and for ourselves."

Upcoming DARK NEW DAY shows:

May 06 - Jackson, MS - Coliseum Festival Grounds
May 19 - Orlando, FL - House of Blues

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