September 14, 2009

Portland, Oregon traditional metal squadron DARKBLACK has inked a deal with California's StormSpell Records.

Commented the band: "StormSpell is currently in the midst of waging an unending, seemingly pitched battle against the followers of the false metal gods (more or less weakling usurpers). We now, with our newest allies, raise our weapons of war to the sky! DARKBLACK will be the vanguard for this righteous cleansing of the weak, uninspired and mediocrity that plagues our world! StormSpell Records are true believers in the true underground heavy metal movement!"

DARKBLACK recently unleashed its debut full-length, "Sellsword", featuring over 49 minutes of music fit for true heavy metal believers! View the striking cover art by Halseycaust (TOXIC HOLOCAUST) below.

"Sellsword" track listing:

01. Sword Of The Morning
02. Icy Tomb Of Time
03. Down From The Mountain
04. Sellsword
05. Dark Apostle
06. Ancient Stone Sentinel
07. ... With Lightning Speed
08. Breath Of Fire
09. Flame Forest

For more information, visit www.myspace.com/darkblack.

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