DAVE MUSTAINE Slams METALLICA Over 'Some Kind Of Monster' Movie

July 6, 2004

MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine has hit out at his former bandmates in METALLICA in a recent interview with journalist and author Joel McIver in Record Collector magazine. Read the full article in the U.K. magazine's September issue, out on August 5. A few excerpts from the interview follow (as obtained by BLABBERMOUTH.NET):

Record Collector: Rumor has it you aren't happy with the way you come across in the forthcoming METALLICA movie, "Some Kind Of Monster"?

Dave Mustaine: "No I wasn't. They edited out a lot more stuff than was there and they sent it to me for my approval. I said, I don't want you to use it. It was two days after 9/11, on my 40th birthday. I was supposed to be at home getting an AMG CL55 Mercedes from my family as a present, and I'm here with one of the guys that I've hated the most in my entire life — my entire existence on the planet — making a video tape in San Francisco, because I can't fly to Phoenix to see my family. And they sent me the tape and I said, 'No, I don't want you to use it,' and they went ahead and used it anyway. I'm like, 'Why send it to me for my approval if, when I say I don't like it, you go ahead and use it anyway?' "

Record Collector: Wasn't your approval a legal requirement?

Dave Mustaine: "Well, see, they said that I signed the paper so they figured, 'Fuck him, he's signed the paper.' You may remember September 13th, New York was still on fire, we had been up non-stop watching CNN. Everywhere you went, people were freaking out over white powder, there were bomb threats everywhere, you were having all kinds of fuckin' radical military maneuvers and shit... it was a war.

"I really don't care to discuss it that much, but what I will say is that I had aspirations at one point of becoming friends with James (Hetfield) and Lars (Ulrich) and doing something again some day in my career, but that door is shut now. That was the final betrayal. And if I ever see Lars again it'll be too soon. I don't care any more. He told me that this was supposed to be about healing. And it was more furthering his career at my expense. I'm done with Lars Ulrich. I haven't heard 'St. Anger', I'm done with them".

(Thanks: Bernard Doe)

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