DAVE NAVARRO Says JANE'S ADDICTION Members Are 'Very Happy With How Things Are Evolving'

April 13, 2008

Former JANE'S ADDICTION guitarist Dave Navarro has confirmed that the band will attend the upcoming inaugural American installment of the NME Awards, where the group will be honored with the Godlike Genius Award.

Formed in 1985 by singer Perry Farrell, Navarro, drummer Stephen Perkins and bassist Eric Avery, JANE'S ADDICTION has been chosen to receive the award in recognition of the fact that the band has done more than any other to introduce American alternative music to the mainstream, founding the touring Lollapalooza festival and giving what Perry Farrell refers to as the "alternative nation" a real cultural focus and voice. Their four albums "Jane's Addiction", "Nothing's Shocking", "Ritual De Lo Habitual" and "Strays" set the marker for expansive, explosive and intellectually restless rock while their legendarily incendiary live performances have seldom been matched in the intervening years. They are, according to NME, truly Godlike.

Commented Navarro: "Before the press and a few blog commenters start digging up old quotes, stories and opinions, let me tell you that the three of us [Farrell, Perkins and Navarro] have been speaking regularly have decided to focus on what's most important... The music. So, all the 'But I thought you said,' 'But so and so said,' 'What about... blah, blah, blah...' is irrelevant at this point. Trust me... There is nothing anyone is going to remind us of that we don't already know. Everybody in the world has said something over the top due to an emotional charge. The bottom line is that we have been getting along great and are moving forward with our personal and musical relationships. These days, the press loves to take something great and find reason to fuck it up. That's the only way they think a story can sell. They think, 'Hmmmm... This is great news and all, but it's all nice and drama free. Lemme dig up a bunch of old baggage from years ago so my editor will feature my work!' The same thinking that the news networks have had for years has found its way into entertainment. Just watch the top stories on any channel. Anyway, we know... We lived it... No need to remind us! As it stands, we are planning on attending the awards as a unit and I really don't have anything else that is concrete to report at the moment. We are all very happy with how things are evolving!"

The Godlike Genius Award presented to those who have made an extraordinary contribution to the musical landscape is traditionally the centerpiece of the UK NME Awards with past recipients including U2, Paul McCartney, THE CLASH, NEW ORDER, PRIMAL SCREAM, Ian Brown, Michael Eavis (owner of the Glastonbury Festival) and legendary deejay John Peel.

JANE'S ADDICTION is the first American beneficiary of this prestigious award.

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