DEAD BY APRIL To Release 'Let The World Know' In February

November 1, 2013

Swedish melodic metal outfit DEAD BY APRIL is putting the finishing touches on its third studio album, "Let The World Know", for a mid-February release via Spinefarm Records.

The band's previously announced European tour — initially announced for November/December this year — will now take place in March 2014.

Comments the group in a statement: "Our work on upcoming album, 'Let The World Know', has exceeded the initial deadline. We want to make this record absolutely perfect in every way, which has taken more time than expected.

"We can't wait to perform these songs for you all as we're very proud of this album!! All the best, and sorry for any inconvenience."

An audio sample of the new DEAD BY APRIL song "Done With Broken Hearts" can be streamed using the SoundCloud widget below.

DEAD BY APRIL's new CD is the follow-up to 2011's "Incomparable" and is the first to feature brand new vocalist Christoffer Andersson (SONIC SYNDICATE, BY NIGHT) following Jimmie Strimell's departure earlier this year.

DEAD BY APRIL issued a statement in March blaming the split with Strimell on "Jimmie's personal problems." The band added: "His problems has affected the band for many years and we have basically tried everything we could to make this work. We have even gone through group therapy lately to get honesty and sincerity into the group. As nothing changed, we had to realize that if we want to move forward with this band, there's, unfortunately, no other way but to continue without Jimmie. We're sick of not knowing whether he'll turn up for shows, recordings and sick of having such bad environment within the band — at all times. It came to a point where we could not be in the same vehicle. We also want to strongly declare that DEAD BY APRIL is against drugs — an important statement for us to make in a time were we know a lot of our fans are young."

A photo of the new DEAD BY APRIL lineup can be seen above.

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