DEADSETT Split With Singer, Announce Replacement

August 18, 2003

Former PISSING RAZORS frontman Jason Bragg has left DEADSETT "to pursue other music opportunities," according to a post on DEADSETT's web site. "It was an amicable split and we wish Jason the best of luck."

"We already got a new vocalist, Kyle Zemanek. We also have a new drummer, Jeff Fabb. They both are experienced musicians and bring a new sound to DEADSETT."

The group recently posted three new demo tracks on their web site. The songs available for download are as follows:

01. Sick of You (mp3)
02. Another Tragic Ending (mp3)
03. Human (mp3)

"Although these three tracks on the site are off our 'new' demo, we really feel they don't represent us anymore," the band write. "We've written about 5 or 6 new songs with our new line-up and they blow the old shit away. We can't wait for everyone to hear the brand new songs, so we're going back into the studio within a month to record the new songs. We'll be recording once again at the Los Angeles Recording Workshop with producer Matt Snell."

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