DEATH ANGEL Guitarist ROB CAVESTANY: 'It Would Be Amazing' If We Won A GRAMMY For 'Humanicide'

January 6, 2020

DEATH ANGEL guitarist Rob Cavestany says that it would be "amazing" if his band won a Grammy at this year's ceremony.

The San Francisco Bay Area metallers are among the "Best Metal Performance" nominees at the 62nd annual Grammy Awards, which will be held on on January 26 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles and will broadcast live on the CBS television network at 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT. DEATH ANGEL is nominated for "Humanicide", the title track of its latest album, which came out last May via Nuclear Blast.

Asked by what he will do if DEATH ANGEL wins a Grammy, Rob said: "We are so conditioned to learning how to deal with bad news and shit happening to us that none of us had even mentioned to each other the possibility that we would win. We're just happy to be nominated. However, when you're alone in your bunk, thinking about it, at some points I'm like, 'Shit, I better prepare a speech, and what if we do win?!' Of course I've played it out in my mind. Like if our name gets called, I could just see us like fucking totally in shock staring at each other. We are going to be hilarious, because we are such the underdogs that it would be amazing. But um, yeah, we'll prepare a speech and hope and pray."

When the interviewer pointed out to Rob that there will be "a room full of big names" to hear him speak, the guitarist said: "Fucking right. Barbra Streisand over here and Lady Gaga there and I'm just going to go crazy 'cause I love these artists. I'm definitely not a one-dimensional metaller. I just hope I can speak to actually say 'hi' and not just sit there like freaked out so hard. To me, it's all about catching mojo. Every person's hand I can touch that that has 'it.' Someone I respect and admire like that, I just want to get, get the mojo off them and give me some of that for whatever I do. Let me collect a little of the magic dust that's going around in that room."

"Humanicide" saw DEATH ANGEL returning to producer and friend Jason Suecof (DEICIDE, TRIVIUM) of Audiohammer studios for the recording and mixing, along with the mastering of the legendary Ted Jensen (SLIPKNOT, PANTERA) of Sterling Sound, who added the final touches and brought it all to life, with artist Brent Elliott White (LAMB OF GOD, MEGADETH) providing the ominous cover artwork.

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