2000 DECIBEL R.I.P.: Organizers Put Swedish Festival To Rest

June 5, 2005

Lennart Larsson, the organizer of Sweden's 2000 Decibel festival, has issued the following press release:

"Today, Sunday the 5th June, we the organizers behind the 2000 Decibel festival in Bengtsfors, Sweden have, after six years, decided to put the festival to rest.

"We now hope that someone else with the same burning passion for Swedish hard rock and metal as we have and always have had, but with a better geographical location, will take over our idea and concept!

"We would like to take the opportunity to thank all the bands that have played at the festival as well as everyone that has supported us during the years!"

This year's edition of the 2000 Decibel took place on May 21 at Valhall in Bengtsfors, Sweden (180 kilometres north of Gothenburg) and included performances by MESHUGGAH, DEFLESHED, THERION and FALCONER, among others.

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