DED Releases New Micro EP, 'Mannequin Eyes'

March 12, 2020

DED has released a new micro EP, "Mannequin Eyes", via Suretone Records. The effort features the roaring and explosive lead radio single "A Mannequin Idol (Lullaby)" and anthemic new song "Eyes Sewn Shut".

"Mannequin Eyes" displays DED's bold and dynamic songcraft and offers an early taste of the band's forthcoming sophomore studio album, due out later this year, helmed by powerhouse rock producer Kevin Churko (FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH, OZZY OSBOURNE, DISTURBED). Suretone Records has renewed its multiple-year deal with ADA Worldwide for exclusive distribution, and DED's forthcoming 2020 album will be the first release under this deal.

DED's new music takes on the fury of their debut and deepens the emotions with a compassion for humanity and a thought-provoking consciousness. "A Mannequin Idol (Lullaby)" takes aim at the conveyor-belt music machine and takes on the fake, surface level, vein aspects of our society that have infiltrated our lives and influence our perception of what's real. The stark vocal-and-piano open on "Eyes Sewn Shut", an anthemic track that dares to challenge the things that we so readily accept to be true, swells into a wall of soaring guitars and driving percussion.

Says frontman Joe Cotela: "The new music is about clarity through suffering and the frustration that comes with knowing that everyone can be better than they are — that I can be better than I am, because change starts with yourself. We want people to strive and try and be conscious of the things they consume, the way they act, the things they share and celebrate, and the way they live their life — to understand how that all affects their soul and what their legacy is going to be."

Originating from Phoenix, Arizona, DED embodies elements of rock, alternative and metal, with pop melodies, cloaked in some of the most histrionic, headbanging music on the planet. But when you dig beneath the surface, DED's unexpectedly soulful music is about bringing hope, relief and self-awareness, proving that there's a way to live through the struggle and come out stronger and happier so that we can better look after ourselves and each other. Cotela, David Ludlow (guitar),Kyle Koelsch (bass),and Matt Reinhard (drums) are building a community by offering comfort in times of despair and positivity by exposing negativity.

DED is managed by Jordan Schur for Suretone Entertainment.

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