DEEP PURPLE Producer Reveals 'Bananas' Single Plans

August 26, 2003

DEEP PURPLE producer Michael Bradford, who worked with the band on their just-issued new CD, "Bananas", has revealed plans for possible future single releases from the album.

Writing to his official web site,, Bradford says, " 'Haunted' will be the first single. I have mixed it a few other ways, for the listener who wants less embellishment. The single is being supplied with the following mixes: 1/ Album Version 2/ No Strings - No Background Vocals 3/ With Strings - No BGV 4/ Slightly shorter solo (for radio only). 'Walk On' will be available eventually as well. This single will simply have the long intro and outro removed, making things easier for radio to handle.

" 'Never A Word' was written as a chamber guitar piece, and is therefore short and sweet. However, I made another edit which is longer, introduces the vocals a little at a time and then finishes up with a complete verse at the end. There is also a version where the vocals start near the front, followed by a musical interlude, and then a reprise of the vocals. These mixes will be available later as part of the single. All singles will include the album version, as well as the individual edits. Other songs may become singles too. However, these are the only ones with alternate versions."

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