DEEP PURPLE Singer Goes 'Bananas'

June 5, 2003

DEEP PURPLE vocalist Ian Gillan recently confirmed that the band's new album will be called "Bananas". He explained the reason behind the odd title to "It came about through a picture we saw of a Vietnamese guy just winging this huge amount of bananas on a kind of a bus where's he's walking along and it makes you think about all kinds of things to do with … how much this guy got paid," Ian said. "I don't know. Maybe one penny or so and everybody's making a profit off him. It's a Third World thing and bananas also means 'crazy'. It's either bananas or nuts. Then there's this GM issue, which is coming up. Genetically Modified. I saw the picture which [DEEP PURPLE bassist] Roger [Glover] found in an Australian newspaper and he cut it out. I said, 'That's a fantastic idea for an album title. It opens so many avenues. It's just one word.' The album is due late summer/early fall with the first single being a slow number called "Haunted", though Gillan explains that the album as a whole is very much hard rock.

In other news, Italian newspaper Corriere has uploaded a 2.5-minute video segment from the show in Milan of DEEP PURPLE performing "Hush". Watch it here (Real Video player required).

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