DEF IGNITION Change Their Name

April 24, 2004

DEF IGNITION, the San Francisco Bay Area-based band led by SKINLAB's Steev Esquivel, have officially changed their name to RE: IGNITION. No reason was given for the name change.

RE: IGNITION recently made two demo songs available for download via their official web site at this location. The tracks "Lost Memories" and "By a Thread" were both recorded with Chris Hanson (TECHNOCRACY, PRIMATE, MACHINE HEAD) and are said to feature a more melodic direction than that of Esquivel's main outfit.

RE: IGNITION's next live appearance will take place on April 30 at Bourbon St. in Concord, California with PRONG, PRIMATE and DISPLACE.

RE: IGNITION's current lineup:

Dave Moore (ex-MINDBENDER) - Vocals
Steev Esquivel (SKINLAB, ex-DEFIANCE) – Guitar
Tim Howell (ex-FUELED, SACRILEGE B.C.) - Guitar
Scott Proctor (ex-LAVABONE) – Bass
Mark Hernandez (ex-TECHNOCRACY, TORQUE) - Drums

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