DEF IGNITION: Demo Tracks Available For Download

March 29, 2004

DEF IGNITION, the San Francisco Bay Area-based band led by SKINLAB's Steev Esquivel, have made two demo songs available for download via their official web site at this location. The tracks "Lost Memories" and "By a Thread" were both recorded with Chris Hanson (TECHNOCRACY, PRIMATE, MACHINE HEAD) and are said to feature a more melodic direction than that of Esquivel's main outfit.

DEF IGNITION's next live appearance will take place on April 30 at Bourbon St. in Concord, California with PRONG, PRIMATE and DISPLACE.

DEF IGNITION's current lineup:

Dave Moore (ex-MINDBENDER) - Vocals
Steev Esquivel (SKINLAB, ex-DEFIANCE) – Guitar
Tim Howell (ex-FUELED, SACRILEGE B.C.) - Guitar
Scott Proctor (ex-LAVABONE) – Bass
Mark Hernandez (ex-TECHNOCRACY, TORQUE) - Drums

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