DEF LEPPARD: Covers Album Track Listing A Hoax

March 17, 2004

The previously published list of songs that was alleged to be the track listing for DEF LEPPARD's upcoming CD of classic British rock covers has been exposed as a hoax.

The track listing, which originally appeared on the web site on March 12, has been designed to spell out "This Is Bullshit" using the first letter of each songtitle.

Speaking to editor Garry Sharpe-Young, DEF LEPPARD singer Joe Elliott called the "leaked" track listing "definitely not right". He continued, "This supposed album we're making (or not making...) has been talked about in various chat rooms for weeks." Then the LEPPARD frontman added "You gotta have fun, eh?"

Fake DEF LEPPARD covers album track listing (first letter in each title spells out "This is bullshit"):

01. The Rocker (THIN LIZZY)
02. Heroes (DAVID BOWIE)
03. Icicles (BADFINGER)
04. Stay With Me (SMALL FACES)
05. I'm the Leader Of The Gang (GARY GLITTER)
06. Sheer Heart Attack (QUEEN)
07. Ballroom Blitz (SWEET)
08. Under The Roof Of Love (GEORDIE)
09. Lock Up Your Daughters (SLADE)
10. Let's Stick Together (BRYAN FERRY)
11. Slider (T. REX)
12. Hypnosis (MUD)
13. It's All Over Now (ROD STEWART)
14. Thunderbuck Ram (MOTT THE HOOPLE)

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