DEF LEPPARD Guitarist On Near-Fight With DANZIG: 'He Was Mad About His Soup Getting Spilt'

July 13, 2007

Michael Christopher of recently conducted an interview with DEF LEPPARD guitarist Vivian Campbell. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow:

On his influences on the recuperation of singer Joe Elliott's hairstyle:

"Being a bunch of guys — men, we can't really talk to each other about hair. We can talk about beer and (flatulence) and football — but not about hair care.

"I might secretly leave something out for him to use, maybe put some product in his bag or something when he isn't looking, you know? Just to give him a hint."

On touring with '70s radio dinosaurs STYX and FOREIGNER this summer:

"With this summer, there was some hesitation, management put it together, and we've learned to trust them. The way to figure it is, with JOURNEY, 30 percent of the audience was there to see them, 40 percent was there to see us, and the rest of the audience was people who aren't big fans of either band, but it's going to be a good show. That's why we played a lot of our radio hits last summer, which we'll do this time around too, but also going deeper for the hardcore fans."

On METALLICA covering the song "Killing Time" from Campbell's New Wave of British Heavy Metal band SWEET SAVAGE:

"I couldn't believe it when I heard they covered it. It says something about the song too that they played it pretty straightforward as opposed to 'Metallicizing' it. I thought it was great."

On rumored fight between the DEF LEPPARD and DANZIG camps at a European festival back in 1993:

"He [Danzig] made a rude comment to my wife, and somebody, not me, gave him a bit of a kick from behind, and I guess he was mad about his soup getting spilt. It must've been really good soup for him to get that upset, but it was Germany, so the soup probably couldn't have been that good; it was probably really, really dark, with all sorts of nasty stuff in it. Anyway, Phil Collen (Vivian's fellow DEF LEP guitarist) was ready to go — he's a black belt in karate, but Danzig backed down. It really was over nothing, other than that bowl of soup."

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